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Euro Fighter Twin-Engine, Multirole Fighter

The Euro Fighter Typhoon - is a twin-engine, multirole fighter with a distinct canard-delta wing design with its initial brief to be an out-and-out fighter aircraft in either an offensive or defensive role. For this reason, it is incredibly agile and manoeuvrable. It is a highly popular aircraft amoungst fighter pilots and fans alike as shown by in flight simulators. Read On...

UK Manufactured Aircraft Still Flying

Aircraft Still Flying

Many companies within the United Kingdom are heavily involved in the manufacture of a range of modern military aircraft. These are used in a number of roles throughout the world. Here we take a look of those planes still in use and flying today. Read On...

UK Manufactured Unmanned Aircraft

A large number of British companies are involved in the manufacture and maintenance of unmanned aircraft or drones as well as the systems used to keep these machines in the air. We take a look at some of the manufacturers and their drones including companies like Barnard Microsystems - who are developing the InView UAV. Read On...